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A Letter From Our Free College Tuition Winner

July 08, 2019
First off, words cannot even begin to describe how grateful and blessed I am to receive this scholarship. It has truly been such a life lesson to me and seriously God is at work in my life.
I am going to be a first generation college student at Belmont University studying interior design. I feel that God is leading me to this school even though I am going to have to pay for school myself and that I don’t, in any means, have the savings for it. I trust that He has it completely in his hands and one way or another He will provide.

So, backstory: the other day someone tagged me in the Altar’d State Scholarship sweepstakes and it was the EXACT amount of money I needed to finish my tuition. And I KNEW I had to apply for it. Two days before I applied for this I was in so much doubt about school and thinking “How am I going to pay for college?” and “Should I even go to college?”. That night I broke down on my knees and started to cry asking the Lord if this is where I need to be, to show me how to make it possible.

AND IN MY DOUBT GOD SHOWED UP AND SHOWED ME NOT TO WORRY. I got a message saying that I had won the scholarship and I screamed. I was so anxious and worried about how I was going to pay for school and  He basically said, “Grace, I am in control give your life to me.”

I encourage each and every one of you to let go of the hold you have your life and give it to Him, He is so big and we are so small. He will make your paths straight and all you have to do is lay down at the feet of God, and give up control. Give God all the glory.

Much love,
Grace Vick